By Emily Berry

Staff Reporter

College is always interesting especially when you are living in a dorm. Southwestern has many interesting things about it but one that not many people know about is the bats that live in Broadhurst Hall. The bats can cause problems but they can cause joy too.

The problem with bats has gone on for a few years but not that big of a problem for too long. Marquis Hodge senior, Broadhurst Hall Residence Assistant said: “Honestly, it has never been this bad until this year.” Beth Jewett junior, Broadhurst Hall Residence Assistant said: “The bats were a recurring problem for a while.”

The Residence Assistants handle the catching of bats differently. Jewett said, “Whenever we find them we try to close off the doors in the area they are in and get everyone to go back in their rooms, then we have to call maintenance for them to show up and they kind of capture them then they release them far away.”

Hodge has a different way of dealing with the bats. Hodge said, “I would use some gloves and I would take a little Walmart bag and I would put them in a Walmart bag and take them outside.”

The bats have not caused any major problems. Jewett and Hodge spoke of similar problems. Hodge said, “The bats have caused discomfort to the residents.” Jewett said, “The bats have caused mass hysteria.”

The bats have caused discomfort but they also brought joy a few times. “I found out that I’m faster than a bat because someone tried to catch it; which you’re not supposed to do because they have a disease, and so it started flying towards us. So I sprinted away and I got to the doors to block it off, so I slammed the door and I found out that I’m faster than a bat”, said Jewett as her most memorable moment involving the bats.

Hodge a different memory of the bats. “My most memorable moment with the bats is when Franco and Meghan found a bat and all I heard was a scream from my room and went outside and they were both trying to take care of the bat. So that was definitely my most memorable cause I thought somebody was hurt and I was just relieved to see that it was a bat.”

Emily Berry is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at