By Keilah Chambers
Staff reporter

Chris Barker, assistant professor political science, has a PH.D in political science from Claremont Graduate University. Recently he was a Th. W. Smith postdoctoral fellow in the U.S legal/constitutional history at Ohio State. Barker served as a visiting professor at Boston College.

In his free time he likes to play racquetball and tennis. Barker also likes to collect reproductive engravings; mainly collecting Dutch golden age engravings from the 17th century. He mats and frames them himself. Because of his passion for research and art he is currently working on an article. He is publishing an article for Temporary Aesthetics on the work of art of mechanical reproduction.

This year Barker hopes to improve the way political science is set up. Barker hopes to make political science and legal studies more efficient by reorganizing the course. He believes that these courses should be more palatable for students studying political science as they prepare for their specific careers.

Barker looks forward to starting the outreach process to increase the size of the political science department. One of his goals is to add more classes or expand on classes presently offered. Political science plays a part in psychology and business; therefore students would benefit from taking at least one course during their time at Southwestern. Barker chose Southwestern College because of its size and the liberal arts program.

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