Yang Yu, computer science junior, plays badminton in White P.E. Friday evening. (Inger Furholt/Collegian photographer)

By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

Socializing, having fun, and exercising. That’s exactly what the badminton club is about. For about three years, the badminton club has been swinging their racquets and smashing birdies in White P.E.

Albert Ong, biology senior, and Budi Taniwan, class of 2010, founded the badminton club. “It was a joint effort. The two of us are very enthusiastic about badminton. Badminton as a sport in the United States is very under recognized compared to how Asia sees it. We thought it was important to exercise and share the joy of badminton here,” said Ong.

Ong said that the club is very tightly bonded with the International club, but that it is open for everyone.

“It’s a form of exercising and socializing. I make it a point that it is not just limited to Asian students. There are American students that play too. Jacob McGuire and Elyse Achenbach are both regular players. There are about 15 regular players in the club, and it’s a pretty good mix of race and gender,” said Albert.

Elyse Achenbach, psychology senior, has been part of the badminton club since its creation. She learned the sport before coming to college, but has learned more about it thanks to the badminton club.

“I always loved badminton. I have played it since my middle school age. I have played with the Asian students here in badminton club, and they are really good. It has been nice to learn some techniques from them,” said Achenbach. “I think everybody should play. It’s a great exercise, and a great was to socialize.”

The badminton club plays on Friday afternoons. Yang Yu, computer science junior, encourages people to join.

“It’s easy to play. You don’t need to have any equipment because it is all provided. Just bring yourself, and have fun,” said Yang.

If you are interested in learning more about badminton club, then go through facebook said Ong. “The best way of getting a hold of me is through Facebook. I really don’t use an e-mail anymore. We try to meet on Friday afternoons. So just leave a message on Facebook, and I will let you know more.”

Will Rosson is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at will.rosson@sckans.edu.

Edited by Paige Carswell.