Author: min.jiao

Builders lose to St. Mary in heartbreaker

By Bailey VenJohn Staff reporter Builder basketball almost pulled off the win in a nail biter against St. Mary Thursday night. The first half was a constant battle for the lead and at half time both teams headed to the locker...

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Group reorganizes on campus

By Hanna House Staff reporter From Sister-to-Sister to the Ukulele Society, Southwestern is home to many clubs and organizations. One organization that students may not have heard very much about is Pridebuilders. Pridebuilders...

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The console wars are far from over (Review)

By Ozzie Briesch Staff reporter Most of us know the epic battle of PlayStation versus Xbox. But most people are still asking the question, “Xbox One or PS4?” The designs of both the Xbox One and the PS4 have a very sharp boxy...

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