By Mallory Graves

Staff reporter

The Bloodmobile will be on September 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Deets Library. “Every year, 30 units of blood are donated to save about 90 lives,” said Lisa Braun, director of athletic training education and associate professor of athletic training. Lisa said the most exciting part of preparing for this event is knowing about all the lives it will save. “One bag of blood could save up to three people! The most challenging part of preparing for this event is getting people to sign up.” Giving blood might seem scary to some people, but think about how many lives it will change. That makes it all worth it. The athletic training students at SC set up and prepare for this event.

Darci Collins, an athletic training senior, has donated blood all four semesters that she has attended SC. To her, the most exciting part about preparing for this event is knowing that we can make a difference in the lives of those in need. She said, “The most difficult part of preparing for this event would have to be getting people to sign up and attend the blood drive. Everyone that helps make this blood drive possible is the Red Cross, the athletic trainers, and the donators, but the one individual that makes a big difference in this event is Lisa Braun. She does everything from contacting the Red Cross, to recruiting students to work, and donate.”

Justine Vogele, an athletic training senior, has never given blood. In the past, she has helped out with various drives in high school and here on campus. She checks donors in and also keeps them company while they give donate. “The most exciting part is getting students and community members to donate, and seeing how many people we can have donate and knowing that it is for a good cause,” said Vogele. The most difficult part would have to be making sure people show up to their appointments on time to keep everything running smoothly.

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