Hanna House
Staff reporter


Mallorie Coffman, athletic training senior, tapes the ankle of Gina Belt, athletic training sophomore. Coffman has been an athletic trainer for all sports. She shares the honor of being named Scholar of the College. (Min Jiao/Collegian photographer)

You may know her as the one who makes sure everything is ok when you get hurt playing a sport, or maybe as the person that helped you do some homework, or maybe even the girl you always see smiling and talking to everyone around campus. Mallorie Coffman is all of these and more. This year, Mallorie Coffman is also one of the recipients of the Scholar of the College awards.

Scholar of the College is an honor that goes to the senior with the highest grade point average. If there is more than one with the same grade point average, they will both be named Scholar of the College.

Coffman is a senior majoring in athletic training. Once she graduates, Coffman says she wants to go to Grad school to get a Doctor of Chiropractic and eventually become a chiropractor, working with mostly young athletes.

You would think that being named Scholar of the College would add on your stress load and add more pressure. Coffman says that becoming the Scholar has not really changed much. People still treat her the same and she feels about the same amount of pressure as past years.

“I have always felt a little under pressure because it is a 4.0 so I am always scared to get that A- that docks it, but I guess the title doesn’t really change it,” said Coffman.

One of the biggest struggles people find when they come to college is time management. Finding time to do what you want to do and what you have to do can be difficult.

“Time management would probably be one of her biggest strengths,” said Lisa Braun, director of athletic training education.

“My calendar is my best friend,” said Coffman.

Everyone has something they do before a test. Many people try to cram in all the information they can before the teacher puts the test on your desk. Coffman does it a little differently.

“I don’t touch my notes an hour before the test. Whenever you study, you know what you know. You’re not going to learn anything new and sometimes if I study for seven hours right before a test. I am tired of the material and worn out. So I take an hour to go grab a drink or just talk with people,” said Coffman.

Coffman is a graduate of Newton High School in Newton, KS where she earned a 27 on the ACT and had a 3.9 GPA. She participated in track and cross country in high school as well as her freshman and sophomore years here which is partly the reason she chose SC. Now she just runs for fun and relieve stress.

“I was really into cross country my senior year and coach Helmer is obviously a legacy. My high school track coach, [Justin Helmer], was his nephew so he told me he would never talk to me again if I didn’t go to Southwestern College,” said Coffman.

Throughout her time in the athletic training program, Coffman has covered every sport. Currently, she is working football and will begin working men’s basketball.

Amanda Beadle, head athletic trainer, has known Coffman for four years. “She is very hard working, very dedicated, she is one of those kids that wants to be involved in everything,” said Beadle. “She is involved in a little bit of everything.”

Coffman not only excels in the classroom, she is also very involved in various groups around campus. Coffman is involved in Discipleship, Tri-Beta, SC Ministry, Pi Gamma Mu and SCATS.

“She just does it, she doesn’t complain about how much she has to do,” said Braun.

When asked if she could trade being Scholar of the College for one thing, she said either passing the athletic training certification exam or a guarantee of getting into chiropractic school.

“[She is always] positive, a lot of fun and very dependable, “said Beadle.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact her at hanna.house@sckans.edu.