By Shawn Morris
Staff reporter

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused all collegiate sports across the nation to cease operations.

The vast majority of student-athletes have returned home for the remainder of the semester. As a result, the athletes are not able to train and prepare for their respective seasons like normal.

Student-athletes are forced to be creative in their workout and training routines as a result of gyms being closed nationwide.

Loren Wright, sophomore infielder, said that she finds workouts on YouTube that she can do at home, as well as basic exercises, such as running. Wright plans to stay prepared for her junior season by going to a trainer during the summer to hone her craft.

It is important for teams keep in contact with each other even during quarantine, which is exactly what a lot of student-athletes are doing. Whether on a Zoom call or individually, teammates are checking in on each other and with their coaches.

Kenyatta Sewell, senior forward, said, “I know a lot of our guys meet on Zoom because most of us have went our separate ways, but since I’m staying in Kansas, I still practice with the few guys left here. We’re trying to get our chemistry going for the start of next season. Coach gives the team some workouts to do, so me and the guys here usually do them together.”

Although all of the gyms are closed across the country, some student-athletes have access to workout equipment in their homes.

Derrell Pinnock, freshman fullback, is one of these student-athletes. He has a rack full of barbell weights, which he uses every day.

Pinnock said, “I am so glad that we have the rack in my house. I can keep working out and not lose any strength over quarantine. Just doing pushups can only do so much, so I am glad that I can get a step ahead of everybody else.”

Although all events and games have been cancelled this semester, student-athletes are still preparing as if the upcoming season is going to take place.

Pinnock said, “It would be dumb if they didn’t have a football season next year. What is the fall without football? I’ve played in the fall every year since I was a kid, so what would I do if I couldn’t next season? So I’m going to keep grinding and get an edge over everybody I go against next season.”

Shawn Morris reported on this story from his home in Little Elm, Texas.