By Daniel Van Sickle
staff reporter

You may want to think twice about taking Assessment Day, Sept. 18, off. Divisions and organizations around campus are hosting events and workshops dedicated to building you as a person. There are several opportunities to advance your chances at a good career.

Open to all students, Sexual Awareness Presentation, Richardson Auditorium, Females: 8:30 a.m.- 9:30 a.m., Males: 10 -11a.m.

The “1 in 4” organization is led by students and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone on campus. They will be presenting the research of John Foubert, an Oklahoma state university professor. Foubert’s sexual assault prevention research has been used by countless universities, the U.S. naval academy, the U.S. Army, and many other intuitions. The presentation provided will help students avoid tough situations involving sexual assault, and compromising positions.

Communication , Computer Science, and English Majors and Minors, Lunch, Opportunities Sermon and Resume Workshop (other majors welcome to come), Mossman 101, Noon- 2:00 p.m.

The communication department will be offering free lunch to students who come to the opportunity seminar and resume workshop. The opportunity seminar begins with a student panel presentation around noon. The panel consists of eight students who have had experiences abroad or have completed internships. Their presentations will last until about 1:00 p.m.. . Following the panel, the resume workshop will be lead by Michelle Bouche. She will be going over cover letters and reference letters as well. All majors are welcome to come to the resume workshop.

Social Science Majors and Minors , Mock Interviews, Junior and Seniors only, Mossman (location by appointment) 1:30-3p.m.

An appointment for this event is required .Students may choose an appointment time of 1:30, 2, or 2:30 p.m. To set up an appointment , talk with Pam Olney, faculty assistant. Business dress is required as well as a resume. The interviewers will consist of 10 community members who have experience in hiring a variety of employees. The interview will last about 20 minutes and then the interviewer will give feedback. This event will provide the necessary experience to excel in a professional interview.

Social Science Majors and Minors, Coaching Sessions, All years welcome, Mossman (location by appointment) 1:30-3 p.m.

Division members will be leading 30 minute coaching sessions over the most common interview questions and will provide career advice. This opportunity is available only by appointment and can be arranged with Olney.

Science and Math Division Seminars.

On Assessment Day, the division of natural sciences and mathematics will be hosting a series of seminars in Beech 104. These faculty- led seminars will cover a variety of topics that are critical components to plotting a successful career path in the sciences. Each workshop will be 30 to 45 minutes long and is open to any interested student.

Students in the division of natural sciences and mathematics must attend at least two career seminar presentations to successfully complete PREP 499 by their senior year.

8:15 a.m. – Student Internships and Shadowing in the Allied Health Fields

Patrick Ross, professor of biology

A key factor for students considering a career in the allied health field such as physical therapy, dentistry, or optometry is gaining professional hands-on experience while attending college. Ross will discuss some of the options available for such experiences both in Winfield and in your own hometown. He will discuss strategies for finding and creating such opportunities with medical professionals in your area.

9:00 am – Getting Ready for the Medical College Admission Test

Tammy McEwen, associate professor of biology and Terry Barnett, professor of chemisty

As most pre-med students know, one of the biggest hurdles to being accepted into medical school is getting a successful score on the MCAT. Mcewen and Barnett will provide information on the test and how it is used by medical schools in their admissions process. They will also explore a variety of strategies for improving your chances of getting a good score.

9:45am – Crafting an Academic Resume

Bob Gallup, professor of physics and mathematics and Patrick Ross, professor of biology

A key tool to finding a job after graduation is a professional looking resume. If you are looking for a job in science or mathematics, your resume needs to go beyond simple work experience and offer information on your coursework, research experience and technical skills. Being able to put that all together in an attractive package may help get an interview. Even if you are focused on graduate school after earning your bachelor’s degree, an up-to-date academic resume will be a great way to organize your key accomplishments and is often required when applying for research grants.

9:45am – The Do’s and Don’ts of Recommendation Letters

Bob Gallup, professor of physics and mathmatics

There is an art to gathering good recommendations that can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Gallup will be discussing a number of ways that you can exert a positive influence on the recommendation process that can start the first day you walk into a classroom.

10:30am – Summer Field Experiences in Marine Biology and Environmental Science

Drs. Rick Cowlishaw and Charlie Hunter

Hunter and Cowlishaw will share a number of resources for finding summer field coursework that suits your career interests as well as relating their own summer field experiences as educators and researchers.

11:15 am – Careers in Teaching Math and Science

Ed Loeb, associate professor of mathematics and Pam Green, associate professor of education

Although most of the students in the natural sciences and mathematics division do not start with an interest in teaching, many begin to consider the possibility after a few years. Given the shortage of good math and science teachers, a teaching career can be both personally and professionally rewarding. This seminar will provide interested students with several options for pursuing a job in teaching.

8:00 pm – “From College Life to Real Life – A Personal Journey”

Katy Raybern Maddox – Class of 2009

From Southwestern after graduation, Katy Maddox, class of 2009, was accepted into the doctoral occupational therapy program at Creighton University in Omaho. Maddox is finishing her last clinical rotation in Cowley County public schools. Maddox will discuss the lessons she learned while at Southwestern that prepared her for occupational therapy school.

Daniel Van Sickle is a senior majoring in Business Administration. You may email him at