By Maggie Collett
Staff reporter

The arch-backed Jinx can be found in more places than on campus. All over Winfield decorated plywood cut-outs of the cat are seen in store windows.

 These cats are part of Winfield’s 36th annual Art in the Park. Art in the Park is located in Island Park on the first Saturday in October.

Susan Lowe, the director of alumni programs, said Southwestern provided the Jinx cat logo.
The logo was blown up and made into plywood cut-outs. These cut-outs were available for purchase for $25 and could be decorated in any manner.

 The cats will be entered into a competition and the winner will be decided by a majority vote. On Saturday morning, the decorated cut-outs will be auctioned off at Art in the Park. “The Jinx cat was to tie in with the 125th anniversary [of the college],” said Lowe.

Cheryl Tate, executive director of Winfield Arts and Humanities, said Art in the Park is to showcase artists’ metal sculptures, oil paintings, music, etc. “The purpose is to show their talent,” said Tate.

 The artists come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are local while others come from Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and other states.

 The artists set up their exhibits in 12 foot square booths around Island Park. “There are 53 exhibitors so far,” said Tate.

There will also be food, entertainment, and children’s activities.

 Maggie Collett is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at