By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

The Student Center will look a little bit different when students return for classes in January.

A new apparel store will be constructed inside the Student Center. The store will be built on to the front of the Java Jinx. At least one wall will be made of glass so customers can see in from the outside. The entrance to the store will be on the south wall of the store and will double as the entrance for the Java Jinx.

The store will carry hoodies, sweats, long and short sleeve shirts, beanies, head bands and hats. T-shirts will cost between $12 and $20 and hoodies will cost $65. Jason VenJohn, Residence Director, said, “The hoodies will be high quality with embroidered designs instead of screen printed designs.” Having the embroidered designs make the designs a little bit more expensive, but they are of a much higher quality, he said. VenJohn also plans to expand the inventory to carry children’s apparel.

Several designs for apparel have already been chosen, but VenJohn also wants people to submit ideas for new items. VenJohn said, “We want to get what people want.” He is open to suggestions.

The store will also have a website where items can be ordered online. VenJohn said all items available at the store will also be available on the store’s website.

VenJohn said he would like to use the store to help different clubs get apparel items for their members. VenJohn is working with Quality Resource Group, based out of Nebraska, and he said that he can get good deals through them.

Dan Falk, Dean of Students, has been working with VenJohn and Harold Harris, general manager of food services, to come up with a plan for putting a cash register right by the entrance. Falk said that the register would be able to take money, not only for the apparel, but also for the food people order from the Java Jinx. Doing so would allow one person to take money for both the apparel store and the Java Jinx while business is slow. During rushes, a second register can be opened up inside the Java Jinx.

The new space will not be ready until next semester, but VenJohn said he plans to find a place to have a Christmas sale near the end of this semester.

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at