By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

Rumors that there will be a new minor in political science and criminal justice have been going around campus for months, and after long deliberations, they have finally become official.

To make a course of study into a minor is a long process and require the input of many faculty and staff. Bill DeArmond, curriculum committee board member, explained that there are many filters and ideas that a proposed minor must go through before it even makes it into the curriculum board—including going through the registrar to see where all the  course will fit in the school catalog.

“It is a really lengthy process to make a minor official,” DeArmond said. “In a way it is like making a bill a law. It goes through a lot of different hands before all the questions are answered, before being voted in.”

Jean-Gabriel Jolivet, assistant professor of political science and pre-law advisor, hopes that having these new minors will give students a basic understanding in criminal justice and legal studies.

“The goal is to expose the students to new hands on experiences in these new studies,” said Jolivet. “Through this I hope student are able to learn, and to me, learning is discovering yourself and new possibilities of your future.”

For Jessie Riggs, liberal arts sophomore, this is an opportunity that he has been waiting for since he first enrolled here.

“I’m really excited that criminal justice is now a minor, because now I have that knowledge for when I head to law school in the future,” Riggs said. “It’s great that these classes are offered now, because it gives me knowledge of this side of the law that a lot of students don’t always get at other undergraduate schools.”

He said that being able to have a criminal justice minor opens up new doors of knowledge for him.

“This helps me know that much more about this side of law than I have ever had before and I am really enjoying getting this information with these new classes that are being offered,” Riggs said.

Jolivet said that either of these new minors would complement any major. If anyone is interested adding this minor to their current plan, or would like more information, he may be reached by phone at 229-6213 or e-mail

Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at