By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

Students have it tough. Between school, homework, school activities and social pressures, life can become overwhelming. What can be the hardest thing is not having someone to go to.

Mary Ann Smith, counselor, is available to meet with students free of charge. Her office is located across the street at 121 College St. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If students need help after 5 p.m. they will go through Cowley County Mental Health Center. Because Smith also works for another organization, students need to make an appointment. Smith can be reached by e-mail at or through her office number, 620-221-3720.

“I think she will bring a lot of expertise and will care towards students who need help with home issues, stress, relationships and with alcoholism,” said Dan Falk, dean of students.

Smith said she wants students to know that she is very excited.

Sarah Hallinan, assistant dean of students and director of residence life, said she thought it was convenient for Smith to be hired because her office is close by.
“She’s right off campus so that works out well,” said Hallinan.

Falk said Smith has a lot to offer to students.

“I like working with this age population. So I was happy when Dan contacted me,” said Smith. “I’m very excited to be working with the students and faculty.”

Falk was responsible for contracting Smith and also for the approval.

“I had seen her in action,” said Falk. “Mary Ann is an alumnus. She has done an amazing job.”

Falk and Hallinan said they want students to be aware of her and take the opportunity to go to her for advice.

“It’s nice to talk to someone who is there,” said Hallinan. “I hope students can go to her.”

Having Smith will not only help students, but also help faculty.

Smith said she plans to eat in the cafeteria and attend school activities in order for students to become more familiar with her.
“I want to make students more comfortable. I will try to be around the students so they become more familiar with my face,” said Smith.

Alejandra Rojas is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at