By Kyle Killgore
Staff reporter

Southwestern graduate Adam Catlin is no stranger to paranormal activities. Catlin has written a book telling the stories of the haunted places in Winfield.

Catlin will do his second book signing in Winfield Feb. 26 at the Winfield Historical Museum for his book “From Among the Dead.” Catlin graduated from Southwestern In 2002 with a degree in general communications.

The book is based on true experiences of paranormal activities in Winfield. Although the stories have been fictionalized the story is based at several notable locations in Winfield, including Baden Square, Meyer Hall, and the Iron Gate Inn. “We went into Meyer Hall and I had a hunch that something was there,” said Catlin, “when we were at the theatre some strange things started happening. We have been told that people have seen an old custodian who never left.”

“I never experienced anything while I was at Southwestern,” said Catlin, “but I have heard that the little theatre is haunted, that Helen graham still haunts it. I’ve never spent enough time there to find out first hand, but the members of the show Eagerheart have told me that the theatre was haunted.”

Catlin got the original idea for the book when he was going to school at Southwestern. “I used to ride my bike and whenever I passed the oldest cemetery in town, I saw kids running around like it was their own little playground,” said Catlin, “I was woken up by an apparition standing over me after seeing that, but after turning on the light, it was gone.”

Catlin is no stranger to paranormal activity though. “The apartment I used to live in was haunted, the previous owner had committed suicide,” said Catlin, “I was actually touched by this apparition.”

Catlin will be showing pictures that he has taken throughout his investigation. He has pictures that contain apparitions including one with a child which he believes to be a member of the Baden family.

“You have to keep an open mind,” said Catlin, “when you see things and defy reason and logic.”


Kyle Killgore is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at