By Taylor Posey
Staff reporter



He always said if he had a chance to come back to Winfield he would. Scott Nuss, sports information director, has been on the job since early June. The job combines his two passions, writing and sports.

Nuss graduated from Southwestern in 2007. He went on to earn his masters in sports administration from Wichita State University and landed his first job at Newman University as the sports information director.

Nuss said Newman was a great first job to get some experience under his belt, but he knew he wouldn’t stay there forever. Once Dave Denly, athletic director, called him about the opening at Southwestern he jumped on it.

Denly and Nuss have history at Southwestern. Denly, who is also the head women’s basketball coach, said, “It’s awesome to have Scott back at SC, on a personal and business level.”

Nuss is impressed with the renovations of the facilities, like the new football field and Richardson Auditorium. He also is pleased to see the traditions he experienced as a student are still around to be experienced as a staff member.

When asked how to explain what it means to be a Moundbuilder, Nuss said, “First you need to understand the history of the school and learn all the quirky traditions. You need to accept that we aren’t an average school and embrace it.”

As a sports information director, you get to experience sporting events from a different perspective. “Getting the ‘behind the scenes’ familiarity with the teams that not the typical fan gets and finding a way to use that to tell the team’s story,” said Nuss, is one of the favorite things about his job.

Not everyone knows who the sports information director for Southwestern is, or even what the job entails. However, being a SID is a job where you don’t get worldwide satisfaction, but a job for people who get their satisfaction by the honest appreciation from a coach who gives a genuine “good job” after a write up. That’s where Nuss gets his drive.

“As my student manager, Nuss would summit things to the media that were unbelievable,” said Denly. And things haven’t changed. It’s obvious when you look at the work he has done since he has been at SC. It is clear Nuss loves what he does and it doesn’t look like he is stopping anytime soon.

Taylor Posey is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at