By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

Decisions about the future of the Java Jinx have finally been made, sort of. Well, not really.

Members of the administrative team met on Oct. 15, to discuss the future of the Java Jinx.  Dan Falk, Dean of Students, said there are two possibilities for the Java Jinx. The first possibility includes moving the Java Jinx downstairs in the, Roy L. Smith Student Center ,where the Book Cave used to be. The Book Cave was recently shut down and the space which it previously occupied is now open. The second major option is to leave the snack bar where it is, on the top floor of the Student Center, but remodel the area to make it bigger and nicer.

With either option, there are a few main goals to incorporate into the planning.

Falk said one of the goals is to incorporate a merchandise area. This would mean selling Southwestern College apparel and merchandise. Falk said, Jason VenJohn, assistant women’s basketball coach, is heading up the merchandise side of things. VenJohn plans to bring in better, more fashionable clothing compared to what the bookstore used to offer.

Along with these changes, another idea is to improve the food menu offered by the Jinx. The Jinx offers mostly junk food, soda and coffee. Nadyne Miller, Java Jinx employee, said she thinks the Jinx should offer healthier options. “We’ve got sugar, sugar and more sugar,” Miller said.

Falk said one consideration is offering more grab-and-go items. Such items might include wraps, salads and sandwiches.

The Jinx could also expand to include convenience items. Sheila Krug, vice president for finance and human resources, said the Jinx could start to carry everyday items such as razors, personal hygiene products and other personal items.

Currently the Jinx accepts cash and flex dollars from student identification cards. Krug said they would look into having the Jinx accept credit and debit cards for those who prefer that method of payment.

Falk said part of the final decision will be taking into account the cost and practicality of both areas, the location of bathrooms, staffing issues and a slew of other factors.

The administrative team and Sodexo, the food service used by the college, have been working with an architect to come up with designs for both, upstairs and downstairs in the Student Center.

Falk said the goal, no matter which location is used, is to have the project done by spring. In order to meet this goal, a final decision should be made by the end of this semester.

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at

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