By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

About 15 theatre majors will be in Lincoln, Neb. next week for the Kennedy Center American College Regional Theater Festival.

The festival will be from Jan. 20 to Jan. 26 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Neb.

Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, said, “There were more students who were planning on going. I think there were probably at least 20 who were planning on going but because they have to help pay their own way, there were some who just could not afford it.”

Moon said they have applied for some money from the SGA and that will help them to bring the cost down for people a little bit so for some people it will mean that that can now go and for other people it means that they still cannot afford go.

“Some may not want to go because they are on academic probation or they are taking too many hours cannot afford to miss classes for a week.” said Moon.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival is a national theatre program dedicated to the improvement of collegiate theatre in the United States. Focused on the celebration of diverse and exciting theatre, KCACTF involves students from more than 600 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

“We have a lot of students who are involved theater who are business majors or education majors or something else so we open it up for anybody who wants to go with us,” said Moon, “We work so hard here and we don’t go see other theater and we need to be challenged. We also need to see where we’re doing good theater and to say ‘I can do that.’ and work to become better.”

Aron Pfingston, English senior, said “One of the great things about KCACT Festival toward our region is that it gives our region a chance to show our artistic side rather than our rustic side.”

Justin Tinker, theatre senior, said, “It is a great time for theatre people from any facet of life and many different collegiate institutions to get together and participate in creating the magic that is theatre and seeing other people’s interpretations and imaginations involved in creating theatre.”

Moon said, “We will be seeing plays some of the best plays from our region – a wide variety of original scripts and musicals and non-musicals. It’s a wide variety of activities that go from early morning to late at night.”

The students will participate in workshops on design and construction and directing and dance and voice development and dialect and a million different aspects of theatres.

“I’m interested in dances. All the workshops means that you are allowed to attend and also the different participations of skill that each participant can go to,” said Pfingston.

Tinker said, “There are a lot of things to gain from it, educational workshops you can participate in. But it is also a fun time for kids in college to go and celebrate being kids. There are dances every night and it’s always fun.”

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her