Looking for a way to meet local businesses around Winfield and Southwestern campus organizations? Campus Life will host the annual activity showcase at 8 p.m. on Aug. 31 in the Roy L. Smith Center.

Anastasia Prokopis, business junior, is the Student Government Association vice- president. She said, “This event is a way for organizations and local businesses to promote themselves to Southwestern College.”

You might ask yourself why you should come to this event. It gives you a good opportunity to meet businesses around the Winfield area and find out about Moundbuilder organizations. It is open to all students and costs nothing. The activity showcase will have fun activities such as Builder-Bear for students to participate in.

Brandon Hessing, coordinator of Student Foundation, said, “Builder-bear is an opportunity for students to make a furry plush friend.” Interested students should get there right at 8 because the animals are limited in quantity.

Lai-l Clemons, director of campus life, said, “Most of the banks around town, Maurice’s, and Willow clothing store have been invited to attend along with 15 campus organizations.” There will be plenty of food at the event and career planning services will be attending for students’ use in planning their future job endeavors.

Alyssa Richardson is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at alyssa.richardson@sckans.edu.