By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

Earth Day, which falls on April 22, is important in raising awareness for the caring of the planet. The campus and community will have an opportunity to participate in celebratory activities.

Charles Hunter, professor of biology, said, “Earth Day is all about is bringing attention to environmental issues. This was a time when we had issues with water pollution and clean air issues in the United States. We were just starting to find problems related to global warming,”

Earth Day is a national and international celebration. “There will be things going on all over the world,” said Hunter.

Jason Speegle, director of Green Team, said, “It’s just the celebration of nature, our ecosystem, our planet, and has become, not only a celebration, but a discussion of how we can improve and make it better.”

Sydnee Nelson, biochemistry senior, is a member of Green Team. She is in charge of the Earth Day events. She said, “It is sort of a way to raise awareness and recognition for problems that we have here on earth and that we need to take care of them.”

Nelson said, “There will be places all over the United States that will be celebrating Earth Day. Winfield is going to be one little place that’s going to raise awareness just like many others.”

Green Team will publicize Park It Week. Students will be asked not drive their cars for many days during that week.

Speegle said Green Team will lead the river clean up at Island Park April 19 and 20, before Earth Day. The Island Park waterway will be cleaned up and possibly the Walnut River also, along with the nature trail at Island Park.

Nelson said those on campus who want to help may contact Speegle for dates and time.

Speegle said, “I hope they would want to participate. I understand it is a busy time of the year. It is just before the last week of class, but I hope they’ll come out and help with the cleanup.”

Hunter said, “Students should pay attention and become more aware of these environment issues. Long after I die, my children and grandchildren will still be dealing with problems related to global warming that’s a very serious problem worldwide.”

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her