By Taylor Rodriguez
Staff reporter

Adult Swim Games has recently released its biggest content drop for their action-packed, duck-themed, arcade platformer, “Duck Game.”

But what is “Duck Game,” you might ask? Well, it is an action-packed contest of speed and accuracy between a collection of bipedal, munition wielding ducks in a battle to the death.

Round after round you cycle through a collection of open and closed maps littered with a collection of various dangerous and silly items that you use to fight each other for the enjoyment of your digital duck fans.

“Duck Game” was developed by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim Games. It has been released for every platform available, except for mobile.

The new content involves, but is not limited to, new weapons, graphical updates, custom content integration, eight-player support, dozens of bug fixes and quality of life updates.

There are a few things that make the “Duck Game” shine brighter than most other action platform party games. First is the variety of unique and fun weapons available to the player. The second is the soundtrack. Last is the simple graphics and snappy controls. All of these make for a fantastic experience.

Featuring over 50 different weapons, items, equipment and a multitude of interesting environments, “Duck Game” is an action-packed, fast-paced contest to see who will become the best duck.

Not in many other games can you play in a four-piece jazz band, floating high in the sky, and immediately turn around and have a sniper battle between yourself and three other combatants.

In this same game, you can use a chainsaw as a method of transport to race around, ripping through your opponents in a flurry of grinding and ripping metal teeth.

I have had dozens of amazing moments with my younger brothers where one of us does something so amazing that we all start yelling about it. That, or we do something so dumb that we are in tears laughing.

The soundtrack helps to make the whole experience so much better.

Every track is simple and takes on this 90’s arcade-type style that helps to further enhance the experience of an arcade-style platformer. There is a vast collection of songs that denote various locations.

Controls are an important aspect of enjoyability and adapting your own playstyle in most games today. “Duck Game” has snappy controls similar to that of “Super Smash Brothers: Melee,” a very competitive platform fighting game.

All in one swift action you can pick up a weapon, slide across the map and shoot your opponent. Many replays that my brothers and I have saved involve us running around and trying to hit trick shots and crazy kills on each other.

This update involves a lot of bug fixes and interactions involving your character model and the environment. For more info about what has been fixed, click here. There were dozens of changes and fixes to make the gameplay better for veterans and new players.

Overall, I think “Duck Game” is an astounding party game if you are needing to waste a few minutes with some friends. With an overwhelmingly positive 10/10 on steam, an 83 percent on Metacritic and a 96 percent from Humble Bundle, “Duck Game” is a must-have.

I agree with the 10/10 rating presented by Steam and I cannot recommend this game enough.