Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

If you’re looking for a great show to watch on Netflix, you should watch Outer Banks.

This show was created and executive produced by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. The series was released on Netflix for viewers on April 15, 2020.

Outer Banks was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. According to, “The term “Outer Banks” refers to the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, which are known for their beaches and shipwreck diving sites. The Pate brothers, are N.C. natives, and based this story on this place and wanted to film around Wilmington.”  

I heard about this series from my little brother, who threatened to spoil the show multiple times once he found out that I too, was watching it.

This show is a fast-paced adventure that encompasses jealousy, lies, love, action, adventure, and mystery.

The main characters are Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, John B played by Chase Stokes, JJ played by Rudy Pankow, Kiara played by Madison Bailey, Pope played by Jonathan Daviss. Some other characters in this series is Topper, played by Austin North, Ward Cameron played by Charles Esten, and Rafe Cameron played by Drew Starkey.

The Outer Banks is primarily about two groups of people:the Cooks and the Pogues. The Cooks are wealthy-they have money and big houses. The Pogues are not well-off at all. These two groups of people aren’t friends and don’t associate with each other at all in a friendly way. The Pogues often work for the Cooks, catering their fancy parties.

There is a group of four teenage friends that consists of JJ, John B, Kiara, and Pope, are always getting into mischief and trouble because of their rebellious attitudes. John B has been searching for his dad that disappeared a long time ago. They find out there is treasure on this old sunken ship called The Royal Merchant. The treasure is linked to John B’s father’s disappearance as the find out through the discovery of a compass. They go through many obstacles, bad people, and law enforcement, in search of the treasure. Once they find the ship, it is completely filled with gold. Their lives then takes a crazy turn that will have your eyes glued to the TV screen.

John B, the main male character, works for the Cameron family. He falls in love with Sarah Cameron, the daughter of Ward Cameron.

When John B and Sarah start dating, there is no way to leave her out of the group and not tell her about the adventure. When she finds out, she wants in. The group of four turns into a group of five, when rich girl Sarah Cameron joins the group. This enrages Kiara, formerly the only girl of the group. Both girls have a crush on John B, which turns into all out war. The guys force them to be friends so they can all continue their adventure.

Throughout the show, many people warn them that a lot of people have gone down a bad path trying to find the gold. They warn of dangers, but that doesn’t stop the kids.

I am not going to spoil this show, but the ending is definitely a cliffhanger that will more than likely be followed by a second season.

Mallory Graves reported this from her home in Ardmore, OK.