By Sam Jones
Staff reporter

We all strive for the joy of creating something; a tangible manifestation of countless hours of work and effort, resulting in the creator experiencing a huge sense of pride and accomplishment.

Southwestern College Academic Press (SCAP) strives to achieve this pride through the creation and publication of books.

The program was started four years ago, and over that time, they have worked on six pieces. They are all on display in the Mossman hallway. Each time, the students worked on and prepared the information to develop a transcript. This transcript was then taken to Sun Graphics in Parsons, where they designed and finalized the publication and began printing.

Pamela Thompson, adjunct English instructor, has taken over the role of leading the SCAP this year. She has brought with her a bold vision with a fresh approach, encapsulating the goals she wishes to achieve, as well as improving on what currently exists and has been done before.

“Before, I felt that this press was too narrow in interest. So they’ve never sold very well. The press has broken even most times, but never made a profit. So hopefully with our revamped imprints, we can change that,” said Thompson.

Thompson envisions including the community more in the SCAP as well, identifying that there is a wealth of experience and stories in Winfield’s elderly community. She wants to tap into that and work with members of the community and generate a connection with the greater Winfield area. These publications would satisfy both the utilization of Winfield’s community, but also create greater interest in the SCAP and hopefully increase its popularity.

“Since I’ve been involved, which has been maybe a month, we have had three guest speakers and we’ve had a really good hands-on proposal, by Dr. Jacob Goodson. He is from the philosophy department and he’s already doubled the number of students involved in SCAP,” said Thompson.

“This is going to be our first big book. He’s going to bring us this project that we can really get our hands on,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s excitement showed through as she revealed her vision for the collaboration and cohesion of students with all different skills. She said, “The English, journalism, and communications majors will work with the texts, while the business majors design websites, marketing plans and then we’d all come together as a class to work with the authors, do the press releases, have an author signing party, have a publication party – that sort of thing. What we want the students to come away with, besides the experience, is for them to able to put on their resume that they helped the Southwestern Academic Press publish however-many amount of books, and have something physical to prove that.”

At this stage, SCAP meets at noon every Thursday in Mossman 107. It is currently an association, but Thompson is looking to turn it into a 3-credit class by the spring semester as a part of the rejuvenation process of the SCAP.

Thompson oozed enthusiasm when she described the field trips that the class would go on, including a trip to The University of Kansas to meet with their Academic Press and also a trip to the Sun Graphics studios in Parsons to see and experience the final publication processes.

The appointment of someone as devoted as Thompson in this role will surely lead to loftier heights and greater achievements for the SCAP.

Sam Jones is a freshman majoring in communications. You may email him at