ABOVE: John Krasinski stars in ‘A Quiet Place’ a film in which he also wrote and directed. (File Photo)

By Tanner Carlson

Staff Reporter

A new hit blockbuster has reached the top of the box office. ‘A Quiet Place’ is the number one movie in America that introduces us to a world taken over by savage creatures.

Before you continue to read this I warn you that there are spoilers after this point, consider yourselves warned.

The director, writer and star of the suspense thriller is John Krasinski (Lee Abbott), famously known as Jim Halpert from ‘The Office’ and Jack Silva from ’13 Hours.’

Krasinski creates an eerie feeling from the opening scene as it begins in complete silence with the exception of children’s feet running barefoot in an abandoned convenient store. We learn immediately that his daughter is deaf so the family knows sign language which helps them communicate in situations that require silence.

Throughout the entire film, the audience feels as though if they make a sound the family will be caught and killed by these creatures. Watching scenes that require the actors to be quiet actually involves the audience as well. When there was a cough in the theatre I felt as if that just gave away the families position and that person had just ruined the entire movie.

If you are thinking to yourself that thrillers do not have story lines and that’s what you crave when watching a movie. ‘A Quiet Place’ creates extremely complicated conflict from the opening scene and it only builds throughout the film.

The acting, although not much dialog, is phenomenal. Krasinski, and Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott) have a strong chemistry of understanding the situation they’re dealt in this world and try and do what is best for their family.

The creatures have extremely sensitive hearing and can pinpoint exactly where there prey is just from a crunch of leaf.

The entire movie builds from the relationship between Krasinski and his daughter. Her hearing aid has stopped working and with limited resources Krasinski is determined to make her a pair that will work. However, their relationship is on edge because she feels as though he favorites her brother.

The family is also faced with adversity with they find out that Blunt is pregnant, and we all know that if you need to be quiet a baby probably isn’t the best option.

There was another subtle side plot where Krasinski lights a fire on top of a silo to signal people in the area and multiple flames light in the distance showing there is more life.

This movie has it all, a unique and unorthodox plot, a heartbreaking death, and an unlikely hero. However, my favorite thing about the film is the design of the creatures, they are their own being and aren’t copy cats from other movies.

The climax is finding out the creatures weakness, but its weakness is also its strength.

I give ‘A Quiet Place’ a 9 out of 10.

Tanner Carlson is a senior majoring in communication. You may email him at tanner.carlson@sckans.edu.