By Jonathan Lane
Staff reporter

Throughout the bleak and dreary school year, amidst the worry and panic, 9Lives will hold its first live performance of the school year to bring the humor.

9Lives is an improvisational performance group comprised of students.

Sam Beck, business administration senior, has been with the troupe since Dec. 2018. “It’s fun to go mess around and play some games in the middle of the day”, Beck said. “Improv is doing a scene with no script, so you just make up what happens on the spot… It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve done here.”

Allyson Moon, director of the theatre program, has been organizing the group since it started in 2001. “individuals are always encouraged to come to the improv class if they are serious about joining 9 Lives.” Moon said. “Individuals grow and develop through the improv class, and at a point, it seems that it is the right time… they are invited to play with the troupe.”

Elizabeth Santana, theatre performance junior, shared some of her experiences with 9Lives. “I think my favorite memory from 9 Lives was last march. That’s when I got my 9 Lives shirt and I officially became a full member… it was really fun and we played a bunch of games and gave out prizes. It was a lot of fun.”

“I think the audience can sometimes be the most predictable part about our show. It’s a college audience so we get a lot of repeat suggestions. Like, ’hey, we need a two-person task.’ and you know of course what everyone’s going to jump to, studying because it’s college.Beck said.

“the thing I want everyone to know is that, unless it’s a sketch… they rehearse the games and there are certain rules to the games but they never repeat content.”Moon said. “I like so many games! There’s a game where we use a script and one of the actors, all they can read is this script, and the other actors have to justify the lines the other actor says, and it’s just so much fun.”

For most of the shows, 9Lives has had a theme and this particular theme is “9Lives Gets Tested”. The show will take place at 9 p.m. on Oct. 9 at Richardson Performing Arts Center.