By Kaleb Vining
Staff reporter

On April 30, the 9 LIVES Laughatorium and Good Times Improvisational Comedy Troupe will be performing at the Messenger Recital Hall, in the Darbeth Fine Arts Center at 9 p.m.

The troupe’s last performance, Beat the Clock, was on March 19. This had the troupe members attempting to play as many games as possible within a limited amount of time.

Allyson Moon, director of theatre and campus players faculty, said that last month’s show went really well and that they had a great crowd considering the limit on people due to social distancing.

However, the show on April 30 will be called 9 LIVES Goes Dark. This title is in reference to some of the dark humor that has been prepared for the audience.

“There is really no theme that structures this show, but it will be called 9 LIVES Goes Dark due to more dark humor and characters actually dying during the show,” said Moon.

Eric Farbes, 9 LIVES sophomore, said that the theme for the show really came out of nowhere and that it was Sheldon Hawthorne, assistant tennis coach and troupe member that came up with it.

“I had just said, what about 9 LIVES Goes Dark, and everyone loved it,” said Hawthorne.

The show will also have some students from improvisation classes joining the troupe for their performance which does not always happen.

The audience will be showered with candy during the show and there will also be lollipops at the door for students.

The performance is free to all students and will be a campus show; meaning that it will be more of a PG-13 performance with more adult humor.

April 30 also brings the second round of vaccinations for some of the troupe members as well as the rest of the student body.

“We’ll hold our breath that everything works out as I know some of our troupe members did get sick after the first round of the vaccine,” said Moon.

This will be the troupe’s final performance of the semester and is intended to help students relieve some stress during their preparation for finals.

Moon said that the troupe is really looking forward to this performance as students are finally able to go out again and regain some normalcy.

“It might be one of our best shows and I am just really excited especially since it is the last show of the semester,” said Farbes.