By Gabby Gamez
Staff reporter

The 9Lives improv comedy troupe brings entertainment to the student body.

Zenas Lopez, business administration and theater performance senior, 9Lives comes together to play games and, have fun. They don’t take things too seriously. Lopez said, “Being a senior of the comedy troupe is a huge dream come true for him since he was able to join the team so early.”

The 9Lives comedy troupe was established in 2001. Students specialize in sketch comedy and comedy games. Students must audition for spots on the team. The team takes between five to nine members.

Shane Schrag, theater performance senior, said, “Being a part of the 9Lives comedy troupe is beauty, and is a new brand of theater that allows me to branch out and show my true imagination.”

Together as a group they each bring their own creativity to the table to create something totally out on a limb. Taking advantage of the time that he has left, Schrag will make the most of his time left with the comedy troupe to bring a good time and lots of laughs to the student body.

Paul Mata, religion and philosophy senior, explains how the 9Lives comedy troupe brings the student body together in one venue to have a good time. Mata said, “The improv group brings the campus occasional laughter and we also provide entertainment for the Winfield community and local elementary school kids.”

Mata invites everyone to come out to their first show at 9 p.m. Sept. 26 in Messenger Hall.

Gabby Gamez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at