By Cristelle Tejes
Staff reporter

“9 lives is an experience of some of the most enjoyable lapses of imaginative free-form theater with little limitation that does not serve a purpose. Like Pokémon, 9 lives is supper effective,” said Justin Tinker, theatre performance and technical theater senior.

“9 lives has made me realize what I want to be in life and that is an entertainer of some kind. Whether it’s theater, improv, stand-up comedy, or judge of the Miss Germany pageant,” said Chris Cole, physical education senior. “I am in 9 lives because I am lucky and I would do anything to get close to the amazing, beautiful, perfect goddess who is Allyson Moon. During my first knee surgery they put me under, and the ghosts of Alexander the Great and Chris Farley came to me in a dream telling me to enroll in the improv class. So I did. In improve class I learned the rules of improv and was noticed as a possible candidate for the troupe. I refuse to disclose the horrible disgusting things I had to do to become a full member. I would recommend anyone who is interested in 9 lives or who thinks they may be good at improv to enroll or to just come visit the class. I’ll be there and it is awesome.”

Confidence is a key feature for the members of the 9 lives troupe. You need to be able to trust your fellow troupe members. Tinker, Cole, and Jordy Train, business administration senior, have gotten their confidence from practicing 24 hours a day, from their mothers telling them that they’re special, and even from the fact that they know it’s safe to be who they are out in the world.

Train feels like he can identify with the audience. “I use the fact that I’m involved in a bunch of different organizations to appeal to people I know in the crowd. I also like being the one that’s quiet during organizational meetings and then go be loud, crazy and obnoxious during a performance. I feel it’s a drastic change of pace to my regular day-to-day activities.”

A mustache and a rubber chicken is comedy protocol when it comes to funny. If they are used in a performance you know you are in for a wild ride filled laughs, smiles, and maybe some tears.

The next show is Friday Dec 9 in Messenger at 9 p.m.

Cristelle Tejes is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at