Pictured Above:

Carousel: Courtney Jones, athletic training junior, laughs as Quenton Todd, music senior, tries to get a hint from John Rohr, theatre senior, on which character Jones is acting out during one of the games for Storm the Dorms, interactive improv events hosted by the 9 live comedy troupe. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Picture 1: Quenton Todd, music senior, scans the crowd and begins pointing at members in it to see if he can get another volunteer for the next game, hitch-hiker during the Storm the Dorm event in order to help the audience participate more to help them relieve stress. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Picture 2: John Rohr, theatre senior announces the first act of the game hitch-hiker as Quenton Todd, music senior comes back up to begin the game. Todd has to try to guess which item or person the hitch-hiker (guests from the crowd) is portraying based on the conversations he has with them. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Picture 3: From back left to front right: Lekendrick Jordan, business senior, Robert Hernandez, history senior, Willow Branch, theatre sophomore, Meagan Morrow, theatre junior, Melissa Connell religion & philosophy sophomore, matt porter, theatre freshman. These participants of the event laugh during one of the explanation of the third exercise the troupe is explaining to them. The goal of these exercises is to engage with the audience to teach them a little bit about improv. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Picture 4: Going left to right: Allie Petrovich, theatre and psychology junior, Austin Davis marine biology senior, Carlene Dick, liberal arts junior, Matt Porter, theatre freshman, and Melissa Connell, religion & philosophy sophomore are participating in the last game of the event. The game is a matching game designed to engage the entire audience. Players must find their matches for each question in a few seconds or else they are kicked out of the game. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Picture 5: Quenton Todd, music senior, Stephen Gehly, theatre junior, Melissa Connell, religion & philosophy sophomore, matt porter, theatre senior, Austin Davis, marine biology senior, Sheridan Keller, biochemistry senior, Leslie Pasarell, history senior, all manage to find partner during the matching game. (Maggie Dunning/Staff photographer)

Maggie Dunning is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at margaret.dunning@sckans.edu.