By Daniel Van Sickle
Staff reporter

9 Lives comedy troupe put on their last show of the year on April 25. The night was filled with shenanigans such as human cow milking, gummies with back and a lot of it, and fabulousness.

The show was special in not only being the final show of the year, but the last ones with Jordan Hill, psychology senior, and Aaron Pfingston, business graduate, at least until a reunion show.  In commemoration of their departure they made a video parodying “The Lord of the Rings,” with the ring being a diploma.

The video is posted on YouTube for those of you who could not make it to the show. Unfortunately, as a result of technical problems, and the way it was shot, the video was hard to understand. However, the show itself was a good one.

Another special thing about this show is that Megan Morrow, theatre freshmen, participated as a kitten and did a really good job.  Her depiction of a person with multiple personality disorder was very energetic and funny.

During one scene, Pfingston and Shane Schrag, theatre junior, created quite the story with a feminine son and a gruff, but caring, dad that was mostly funny but almost touching. It may have also distracted Jordan Hill, psychology senior, ending the scene way after  it probably was supposed to.

Hill is not so good at butter churning, though good at doing what is needed for a scene to be funny. His serious face while doing things such as being a half-cactus and a buzzer made these rather stationary  assignments more funny.

Then Caitlin Harris, biology junior, supplied some interesting sounds, especially with her wise camel advise. Zenas Lopez, business junior,  knows how to turn his funny on after he gobbles cocaine laced gummy worms prior to getting attacked by AIDs-infected gargoyles.

Finally Paul Mata, religion and philosophy junior, can rock an accordion and created a new accordion player stereotype for me: A  violent, corny Irish father.

Overall, the 9 Lives performance was great and was appropriate for the last one graduating seniors may ever see, as well as the last show Pfingsten and Hill are members of the regular cast.

Daniel Van Sickle is a senior majoring in business administration. You may email him at