In improvisational comedy shows, the audience rules the show. Improv comedy is unscripted, in the moment and on the spot acting. An improv show consists of multiple skits and games, which the audience suggests the given circumstances for. 

The group of actors on an improv troupe will rehearse their games days before the show, so they have a handle on how the games will work. Even though they rehearse the structure, no two skits are ever identical, because the audience comes up with new ideas for every show. 

The 9 Lives Laughatorium and Good Times Improvisational Comedy Troupe, will be performing their first show of the year tomorrow, at 9 p.m., Oct. 8, in Messenger Auditorium. Admission is free for college students. 

The troupe on campus has eight members this semester. As excitement for the first show of the season builds, Tommy Castor, management graduate, stressed that the first show is a very important show. “You only have one chance to give a good first impression,” Caster said. 

Kyler Chase, business administration, said, “I am excited to be able to build a good buzz for the rest of campus by starting with a bang.” 

Brett Smith, philosophy & religious studies senior, said, “There is a special surprise at this show.”

The first rule in improv is never say no. The consequence of improv is the actors really must roll with the punches and build off what other troupe members give them. Smith said, “The hardest part of improv is to accept anything and everything that comes your way and build on it.” 

Even though it is a comedy show, the members really have to try not to force being funny and hope that the comedy comes on its own. “It’s really difficult to fight being funny, the goal is to make a complete scene, if it is funny it’s good but, that’s not the main goal,” said Castor.

For members of the troupe, humor is an important aspect of life. “My philosophy is, ‘I might as well be laughing,’” said Chase. 

Improv can be a great outlet from the frequently stressful life of college for both the audience and the troupe members. “It is a very good release for me, a very good stress reliever for me. I joke around with people that if I didn’t do improve I would go to therapy,” said Castor.

The troupe is encouraging everyone to attend the show on Thursday. “If you come to the show I can promise you giggles and joy,” said Smith. 

So go take a load off and laugh on the spot, unscripted acting of the 9 Lives improv troupe. 

Tysana Speer is a freshman majoring in speech and theater education. You may e-mail her at