Picture by Cortney Showalter (Staff Photographer)

9 lives presented their Annual Christmas Show on December 9th in Messenger Hall. The theme of the improv show was The Giant Package.  They also had students from the improv class join to help out with the show.

Nine Lives started out their show by throwing out candy to the audience. There was multiple acts and games played throughout the show. Some of the games that were played were: Detectives (where they only spoke gibberish), Do Run (rhyming off of a one syllable name), and Infomercials (using items the crowed has given them and making the object something its not).

Each game that was played followed the Christmas holiday theme. You could never expect anything when going to see this show. That’s what makes it so fun and enjoyable for all of SC and the Winfield community.

9 lives kept the crowd laughing, engaged and provided a great break from studying for finals.  The show ended with an SC version of 12 days of christmas to spread the SC holiday spirit.

Cortney Showalter is a sophomore majoring in business. You may email her at cortney.showalter@sckans.edu