By Erica Dunigan
Staff reporter
9 Lives and Student Foundation will team up to double the laughs this week.

Adam Mamawala, a comedian from New Jersey, will perform with 9 Lives at 9 p.m. March 17 in Messenger Recital Hall.

Jordy Train, business marketing senior, said, “I’m really excited about Adam getting to be a part of the event and teaming up with StuFu to host the event.”

The two groups teaming together will bring a different event to students than what they’re used to.

Mandy Bostwick, elementary education junior, is vice president of community involvement for StuFu. She said, “We thought it would be a fun change in pace.”

Brandon Hessing, coordinator of StuFu accompanied the executive team to a regional conference in October in Arlington, Texas. “While we were at NACA, the team was very impressed with Mamawala’s comedic ability,” said Hessing. “We saw a lot of comedians there, but they were the most impressed by him.”

Mamawala won the New Jersey Comedy Festival in 2007, a statewide competition to find the funniest college comedian.

“Mamawala is close to our age, and he has experienced the college life,” said Bostwick. “His jokes relate to college experiences, so he will be able to connect with the college students.”

Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre, said the improve troupe will take a different direction with the show.  “It will be St. Patrick’s Day,” said Moon. “We’re going to have some Irish drinking songs and different types of food that lean towards the Irish tradition.”

9 Lives will collaborate with Mamawala for some of the games. Mamawala will end the night with his own performance.

Hessing said that the idea of this show is to be able to hopefully put smiles on more peoples’ faces than just the students on campus.  “We are going to try to collect donations for Operation Smile,” he said.

Operation Smile is an international charity organization that collects money to help children who are born with severe cleft conditions. The children are often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile.

There will be a table at the entrance for the show where donations are accepted. StuFu will match all the donations with a contribution.

Train said, “I’m really big on selfless giving, so I hope that this becomes something successful.”

Erica Dunigan is a junior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Samantha Gillis.