By Shawn Knepper
Staff reporter

The 77 Steps have always been a symbol of dedication, working through obstacles and paving the way to success at Southwestern College. That is, until construction workers begin to tear apart the bottom half. Almost having two months of construction work, the bottom of the 77 Steps remains unfinished.

In late January, a water line underneath the steps broke, causing water outage in some buildings across campus.

“The only way we had to repair it was to basically break out that bit of sidewalk,” said Kristin Humphreys, associate vice president of business. “The City of Winfield was involved and our maintenance crew and I think they had to rent put some Bob-Cat type equipment.

“So, now we’ve done all that and now we’ve hired somebody to come back out to work on the concrete. We’re waiting for the weather to cooperate and once it gets warmer, he should be here to fill it up.”

Students wait patiently as they hope to use the steps again and not have to walk through the slippery grounds. As of now, construction at the bottom of the 77 Steps has been put on hold until weather permits.

Shawn Knepper is a junior majoring in musical theatre. You can email him at