By Bailey VenJohn
Staff reporter

Now a days it seems like every popular book is turned into a movie. I’m one of those people who loves this trend and have to see the movie for every book I read.

The latest of these was “The 5th Wave”, a book written by Rick Yancey. It is the first of a trilogy and I  assume two more movies are to follow this one.

The book is written with the usual plot of an end of the world catastrophe and a young adult having to save it. This time the world is being ended by aliens. The twist? The aliens inhabit human bodies making it impossible to tell who is a human and who is an “Other.”

The “Others” attack in waves. The first being darkness, the second destruction, third avian flu, and fourth was the “Silencers” whose duty was to go to camp where humans had gathered and kill as many as possible.

The majority of this movie takes place in the 5th wave. A young girl named Cassie is split from her father and younger brother during the 4th wave. She makes a promise to herself to get back to Sammy, her younger brother, and save him.

Along her journey she runs into a young man close to her age who rescues her after being injured. Evan Walker, the man who saves her, joins Cassie on her way to find her brother. Following the usual plot line of this style of book the two quickly fall in love.

While this movie followed the book line well and did an excellent job playing out the plot twist, I wasn’t impressed with the screen version.

I felt the book had more depth to it than the movie was able to portray. For an alien movie one would expect action but this movie held little. At times it was thrilling but others I was bored.

Had I gone to see this movie without reading the book first I would have been greatly disappointed and honestly quite tired of it. Having read the book saved me.

I loved the paper version of the story. The things in the movie that weren’t thoroughly explained made sense to me but to others I feel it could get lost on them.

As much as it seems I’ve ragged on this movie, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself. They did a great job picking the cast and everything visually followed what I had imagined during the book.

The movie may have left more to be desired but I hope they make a few more to finish out the trilogy and hopefully redeem themselves for the first.

Bailey VenJohn is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at