By Lacie Holbert
Staff reporter

It is easy and free. It doesn’t matter what church you attend or if you even go to church. Anyone can do it. Two individuals gave everyone on campus a chance to participate and take place in a 46-hour prayer.

The 46-hour prayer starts Nov. 20 at 9 p.m. in Wroten Hall with a welcoming worship and ends at 7 p.m. Nov. 22. The weekend is a pre-celebration for the opening of the prayer room located in the memorial chapel in Deets Library.

Jessica Schaal, religion and philosophy sophomore, and Molly Komlofske, religion and philosophy sophomore, were signed up to take the Greek Language class. When it was cancelled they took an independent study and met twice a month. Ashlee Alley, director of campus ministry, over sees it.

Schaal said, “Our goal was to come up with one main project and Molly actually came up with this idea. We tossed a few ideas around, but really it came down to two, opening a prayer room or a worship and prayer night. At first we were really looking at the prayer and worship night, but it fell through and to celebrate the opening of the prayer room we added the 46-hours of unbroken prayer.”

During the 46-hour prayer, any student may come and spend 30 minutes to an hour in the prayer room, which will be in Wroten because of the conflict schedule of the library.

Jessica Kelsey, computer science freshmen, said, “I think the 46-hour prayer is going to be a very positive thing for students and will bring everyone together in a unique way. I think the students on campus need a place where they can go and pray.”

Prayer stations are set up. These stations included word wall, wailing wall, we wall and world wall. The word wall was designed for written prayers or bible versus. The we wall is about anything that has to do with Southwestern. Finally the world wall is focused on other countries.

Komlofske said, “I really want students to know that religion is modern. It’s not an age thing. I think having prayer on campus can help students. You can go online and read on Campus and read all the different stories where prayer has helped change a variety of different students. If we come together and pray, a lot of amazing things can happen. You learn to pray by praying.”

Schaal said, “I would like to see the Southwestern community come closer. I hope having the prayer room will help students become more unified.”

Komlofske said, “I think it is also very important that people know it is for everyone. It’s not just for Campus Ministry and Discipleship like some people may think. It’s for anyone.”

The prayer room opens Nov. 23 and will be opened during library hours.

Lacie Holbert is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at