By Jonathan Lane
Staff reporter

As the semester draws to a close, the Directing I class has prepared their final project in the form of the yearly “Small Packages” performance. This year, the students have prepared a scene from “Almost Maine” by John Cariani and another scene from “Triplet” by Kitty Johnson.

Student director Markie Swanson, junior theatre major, stated, “Trying to work around COVID has been so hard. Everything is always changing.”

Swanson is both a director of her own scene and also an actor in the other scene. “It’s really cool to gauge how they handle rehearsals and how they deal with their cast while I’m also directing.” Swanson said.

“I think they (Small Packages and Fools on the Hill) came into existence at the same time. It was Roger Moon’s desire to really create a way to market the directing scenes so that it wasn’t just ‘Directing I’ scenes.” Allyson Moon, Director of Theatre and Campus Players Faculty, said.

“When you work on a project, that’s when you feel you’ve really finished your job, when you perform it.” Moon said.

Traditionally, the Small Packages performances have taken place in the Little Theatre, however, this year, to help with social distancing while maintaining an audience, the performances are scheduled to take place in Messenger Recital Hall.

The audience has been a topic of discussion for the directors and faculty as COVID cases have started to rise again recently. “We kind of all mutually agreed to inviting one to two people.” said McKenna Wallis, sophomore elementary school education major.

Wallis is one of the actors in “Triplet” and has felt the benefits of working with a student director. “Their schedules sometimes work a little better because we are all in classes. Although we have homework and finals, we all understand when someone says, ‘I need this day off.’ These past couple weeks have been the craziest and most stressful for all of us.”   

“Whether we want to or not, it’s really forcing us to be creative.” Moon said.

“I think the Directing I class is really useful if you want to get a grasp on how things work or how people work, if you want the experience of crafting this vision and bringing it to fruition” Swanson said.

The Small Packages performance is scheduled to debut at 2 P.M. on Nov. 21 in Messenger Recital Hall.