By Shawn Knepper
Staff reporter

At the end of every school year, the time comes to celebrate the accomplishments that each student and organization has made and show their representation to the Builder name while also giving salute to the senior’s graduation on May 12. Honors Convocation is held at every beginning and end of the school year in the Richardson Performing Arts Auditorium. Although this tradition has been going on for a while, most students are surprisingly unaware and not interested in this occasion. 

“It is a time to celebrate significant work that students have done in the year. The junior marshals, who are the highest-ranking individuals in the class, will be honored and they’ll participate as well” said Allyson Moon, Professor of Theatre and Speech. “This is a time to celebrate the achievements of every student and faculty on campus, whether based on academics or summer internships.” 

It is highly recommended that each student come to support a fellow Builder as we celebrate this year’s graduating class and our faculty, as well as embracing what the future will bring. Honors Convocation is a Southwestern tradition so come and be a part of something that many Builders have participated in. Honors Convocation will take place at Thursday, April 11 at Richardson Auditorium at 4:00pm. Seniors, wear your caps and gowns.S