Mallory Graves

Staff reporter

Keith McLaughlin, director of safety and security, has been a Southwestern College employee for seven years. He is in involved with the making of the Meet the Heat event. The event will take place at 7 p.m. on September 9 on Wallingford Lawn. It is to celebrate National Campus Safety Month.

“This is the first year for us to ever do anything for National Campus Safety Month, and I am excited to prepare for Meet the Heat because of all the positive relationships that it builds. It is a wonderful opportunity for the police department and students to interact positively and build the community.” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he is worried it might be difficult to get the police department to attend.

“They rarely have days off, and when they do, they would like to spend time with their families but instead, they are selfless and they come and support us,” said McLaughlin. “Justin Williams and Teresa Nichols are the ones to thank for this wonderful event. It was initially Justin’s idea, but Teresa really put everything together.”

Justin Williams, director for international student services and residence director of Wallingford Hall, is an SC alumni, and on top of that, has continued his years here at SC for about four years, working with the students.

Williams said, “It is exciting to watch the community come together as a whole. It is no longer separated by students and permanent residents. We come together as one and it is really cool. However, the most challenging part of the whole thing is getting people involved and getting people to show up to the event.”

“If it weren’t for Teresa Nichols, this event would not be possible. She is such a big help in contacting people and setting up everything,” said Williams.

Jason Haunschild, security officer, is excited for this event because he says it’s good for the students to get to know security and their purpose. It also raises awareness for safety on campus. Haunschild said that the most challenging part of putting this event together is getting the students involved.

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