By Arthur Anderson III

Staff reporter

Saturday, the Moundbuilder cross country team opened up with their first meet of this season, the Tiger-Builder Invite. At this meet, Southwestern ran against Cowley Community College and Butler Community College.

Tim Testa, cross country head coach, said that both men’s and women’s teams were prepared to run Saturday morning.

Testa said, “Both teams have a real good opportunity. Girls got a good chance of winning it, guys have a chance of being top two. That’s the goal for both teams individually – the girls want to win, and the guys want to get second or better. With that, I’m really excited about it. We still have a long ways to go, but I’m still very excited.”

Testa also said that this year’s team is young with fourteen new members, and the majority of the team are freshman and sophomore runners.

“Just lack of experience is what I think about. We got some young ones that are a little banged up but we are a strong team,” he said.

Bryce Grahn, business sophomore, ran Saturday, finishing in first place. Grahn is from Clarendon, Texas, and has been running cross country for years. Grahn said he felt prepared for this meet because of continuous summer training and waking up early in the morning to run.

“What motivates me to run – well, it’s just fun,” said Grahn. “I get to hang out with the guys – and no one wants to run at 6 A.M. – but running with ten other guys is fun, so probably the team aspect of it.”

Grahn also said that running at Southwestern was very different from high school.

“In high school I ran by myself,” said Grahn. “I went to a small school, so it was just like three of us guys running, and then I didn’t really want to run in college until I came to Southwestern. Running six miles by yourself sucks, but running with six miles with your team is a lot more fun.”

Grahn said that he is excited about this season and only hopes for the best for this team he is proud to be a part of.

Arthur Anderson III is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at