By Daltin Brock

Staff reporter


Southwestern’s Student Government Association, or SGA, serves as the college’s student governing body. Its purpose is to maintain open communication between the students, staff, faculty and administration. It serves as a voice for student concerns and oversees all student-run organizations, while also functioning as a means to suggest improvements to the college and more.

January 30 marked the latest SGA meeting and brought together the presidents and advisors of the college’s clubs and organizations. People in attendance included Dan Falk, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, and Anjaih Clemons, director of campus life, along with several others. The meeting was divided into roughly six main parts:

  • Introduction by Tessa Castor
  • Discussion of Clery Security Protocols and Information with Dan Falk
  • Mission and Goals of SGA with Castor and Emily Jones
  • Beth Jewett – Forms and receipts
  • What have you been doing? – Past and future events of organizations
  • Coming Up: Fresh Ideas Towne Hall

The meeting opened with an introduction by SGA vice president Tessa Castor, who then welcomed Dan Falk up to speak. Falk began by identifying the present advisors and handing out small notebooks detailing Jeanne Clery security protocols and guidelines. Falk then continued by detailing the history of the act and its information to the advisors. This segment was from the 1990 Clery Act, based on the case of Jeanne Clery, which demands the disclosure of campus crime statistics and campus security policies.

Following Falk, Castor continued the meeting with stating the main goals and mission of SGA along with SGA president Emily Jones. These include:

  • Act as the voice of the students
  • Leadership development, recruiting, and event help

Beth Jewett, SGA treasurer, rose next and discussed guidelines regarding how and where to send receipts as well as the deadlines to turn in relevant forms for the organizations. Lastly, the meeting opened the floor to discuss both past and upcoming events for the clubs and organizations. Following this segment, the meeting concluded with a section to highlight the upcoming Fresh Ideas Towne Hall to be held in Mossman 101 on February 6.

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