ABOVE: Cameron Hunt, junior guard, brings the ball down the court during the game against Manhattan Christian. The Builders beat the Thunder by 50 points, with a final score of 122-72. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer).


By Jose Chatham

Staff reporter


From Duncanville, Texas, Cameron Hunt, junior guard and All KCAC First Team from last year, is a leader for the men’s Moundbuilder basketball team. An average of 26.6points a game is a big reason why Hunt is on the floor for the majority of the games, but why SC?

Hunt said, “It was the only offer I had, I had other scholarships to schools but all for academic, and I knew I really wanted to play basketball still. When I went on my visit head coach Matt O’ Brien really made me feel that he and the program believed in me.”

Not only has the program believed in Hunt, SC has changed his life and his major reflects that.

Hunt said, “For my degree I chose physical education to become a health teacher and pursue coaching, and pass down what I’ve learned and help future generations be successful. If the door opens up for me to continue playing after college, I’ll play, but for now I leave it all in God’s hands.”

Hunts work in the class room and also on the court. Players and coaches recognize this. He is also honored as a team captain, which is a natural role.

“My hard work ethic comes from me wanting to get better every day, my leadership is through action and my word. I’m a big action over words guy.” With Hunt being an action-oriented person, players such as Jacob Horsch, senior guard and also a team captain, know what Hunt brings to the table.

“Hunt is such a hard worker. He puts so many hours in the gym, putting up shots before and after practice. A lot of the younger, and even older, guys look up to that and that makes the team go even harder every day.”

Horsch said, “He’s a very chilled, laid-back guy, and very funny. He’s such a positive person and will do anything for people he’s close with to help them out.”

Jacob thinks Hunt has strange behaviors on game day.  “He’s a superstitious guy. He has to have the same breakfast omelet every game. When he puts his shoes on, he has to tie his laces from left to right. Even his pre shot ritual for his free throws has to be a certain way, and I don’t blame him. It’s paying off.”

Tim Miser, assistant coach, is in his eighth year on the coaching staff. He praises the culture Hunt is creating at SC.

“Hunt can take constructive criticism very well and never takes it personally. He wants to keep getting better every day, which all the guys feed off of. His approach every day for games and practice is he’s in early putting up shots and getting focused to play. He treats practice just like game day.”

With the success, Hunt stays motivated and is always reminded how he got in the position he’s in now.

“I just thank my mom for everything. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. She’s my inspiration, and I’d do anything for her.”

Jose Chatham is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at jose.chatham@sckans.edu.