By Thomas Noble
Staff reporter

A challenge for people interested in theatre, the “24 Hour Play”  is an opportunity for students to experience an entire play  production in only one day.

On  Sept.  7 Southwestern College students, along with students from local high schools and community colleges, will gather together to start the processes of building a play from scratch.

Student, writers, directors, actors and techs have only 24 hours to build an entire one act play that will be performed Sept. 8 at the Richardson Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

The actors introduce themselves to the directors and play wrights and each actor must bring one prop and a costume piece that will be used in one of the plays.

After this, the playwrights spend all night developing scripts for different plays. In the morning the scripts are given to the directors who choose the actors they want for each play.

The whole day is spent learning, rehearsing and getting the play ready to premier that night. During this time the tech, sound and lighting people must prepare the stage for each play.

Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, said, “Everything that happens in the process of six weeks, for an evening’s performance happens, in a process of 24 hours.“

Eugene Lindsey, theatre arts junior, has done 17 different 24-hour plays, and will be running the tech for the plays. Lindsey said, “All the really cool thing about the 24-hour plays is that usually schools don’t come together in that aspect.  If you play sports, you play against each other and whenever you come together you meet new people and create live art it’s beautiful. “

For Cooper Hart, music senior, this will be her first 24-hour play. When asked why she wanted to do the play Hart said, “It seems like a fun challenge. I have heard you get to learn a lot and it is always fun to do theatre in an experiment that is kind of stressful but also fun.”

Thomas Noble is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at