Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

If you want to see a high school parody involving a prom dance, popularity among classes, drugs and a partnership of two police officers. The two who hated each other during high school and are now best friends, this is the perfect movie for you. 21 Jump Street came out in movie theaters across the United States on March 16. It is R rated by the Motion Picture Rating for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, drug material, teen drinking and violence.

Jonah Hill plays the role of Schdmit, a police officer whom regardless of being very smart and non-athletic enrolls in the academy trying to protect the city. Jenko, an athletic popular high school student is played by Channing Tatum. Jenko is Schdmit’s officer partner the whole movie. Ice Cube is Captain Dickson, a police chief in charge of conducting secret undercover missions known as the Jump Street unit.

The plot of the movie is trying to find the local high school drug dealer whom has been causing deaths because of his drugs. This drug hfs, which stands for holly freaking shoot, includes five phases.

Jenko used to mistreat Schdmit during high school, pranking him and bullying him in front of everybody. Life made a turn when they two reencountered each other in the police academy. They became best friends and graduated in the same officer class from the academy.

Their adventures begin when they are assigned to take care of a local park. Easy stuff for new-born police officers such as watching that people are not doing illegal things. Feeding the ducks, throwing thrash in the green areas or using narcotics are some of the issues the officers have to deal.

Bad news arrive as they see a group of six bikers smoking pot under a tree. As their duty calls, they approach to them and start asking question concerning to that. After a while, they do a little search in one of their backpacks. To everyone’s surprise, they find crack in it. Rushing to get out of the crime scene the bikers take off running. Jenko and Schdmit split and captured only one of the bikers, Schdmit gets a cut in his elbow because biker throws him to the ground. They successfully made their first arrest and start dancing to him and laughing at his arrest.

Later on the biker arrested was set on liberty because the novice officers forgot to tell him his rights.
They soon are sent to 21 jump street where their real world problems and adventures will soon begin. There they are assigned to a case where illegal drugs are being distributed in a public school. Their duty is to find out who is selling them and find the supplier.

Going back to school is a big fear for Schdmit who is afraid of being mistreated again. While Schdmit is scared to go back and remember old-day memories, Jenko is confident he is going to be popular as he used to be. Jenko accepts the mission and recalls this as being easy.The undercover officers get enrolled in their respective classes, fight and work to know who the dealers are and their maximum objective, the supplier is.

This comedy is full of laughter and scenes that will make you laugh. Hill and Tatum did a wonderful job interpreting the character, the role was meant for them. Ice Cube plays an important role which is always blaming them two for the disasters occurred. This is a must-see film if you like comedy movies.

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