1. You’ve watched a sunrise/sunset from the top of the 77.Southwestern College




2. You complain about tuition but stay anyway.19488502_1790973757586044_5986481008499874871_o




3. You’ve been lost in Stewart Field House.pic1




4. You’ve laughed your butt off at a 9-Lives show.22491962_10210452679061401_1407735647871989590_n




5. You’ve had a heart-to-heart with Dawn.28467756_10156239457313980_1518366314366834850_n




6. You’ve talked about dogs in a KP class.23517507_10215427782634437_5093814141491838035_n




7. You talk trash on the football team but still love them.img




8. You’ve won something at homecoming bingo.IMG_2453




9. You call your teachers by their first name.11870837_522749007697_971852500006492630_n




10. You’ve been to a homecoming bonfire.bonfire2000




11. You’ve lost your breath walking up the 77 steps.33617045_2164925376857545_564859448636473344_n




12. You’ve been apart of an SC clap up.14188285_1436645653018858_4108415043713610689_o




13. There’s a special meaning to a 50-foot hole filled with rocks."The Mound"




14. You’ve been an OL at Builder Camp.14068018_1430472763636147_5525915230535083677_o




15. You know exactly how many words are in the alma mater (77).08-26-2016_Christy-Flags-77_kc_32_edit_paper




16. You’ve stepped on and kissed the jinx.37852840_2261734523843296_3014141381850431488_n




17. You’ve been to Builder Camp.14107722_1430468233636600_521305290290325396_o




18. You’ve explained our mascot situation to a non-builder.Photo Sep 27, 4 30 29 PM




19. You see that we have a swimming pool on campus but no swim team.Pool-Improvements-Sept-08-1024x729




20. You can check out any movie you could ever want from the library.deets.jpg