By Min Jiao
Staff reporter

One hundred students and community musicians will combine talents for an outdoor concert on Sunday

Daniel Stevens, associate professor of music said the concert has a little bit of every type of music, jazz and full orchestra.

The TallGrass Express String Band will perform a couple of times throughout the afternoon. The Southwestern College youth symphony and South Kansas Symphony will play. The Student Loan, a college jazz band, with five or six students will play as well.

Gates open at 2 p.m. April 21 for the South Kansas Symphony on the prairie. It will be narrated by Larry Halteberg from KAKE news.

The prairie concert was started in the 1990’s. Stevens said it was dropped for a while, but brought it back three years ago.

Stevens said one of the biggest challenges with an outdoor concert is to get sound out, because the sound just disappears. “We don’t have anything behind us that pushes the sound out to the audience.”

Nathan Johnson, computer science junior said, “It’s not very good for instruments because the sound does not just go in any one direction.”

Stevens said, “Another challenge is finding a date for the concert. If you go to too early, it is cold outside. If you go too late, students have graduated and gone home for the summer.

“We are always really tight between now and mid-April, and it just so happened that this year it fell on Founder’s Weekend,” said Stevens.

Stevens said, “We hope to have a beautiful day. We don’t want it to rain at all. We want it to be good weather for us.”

Stevens said, “We get a large audience out there. The last few years we’ve had about 900 audience members. We would like to top 1000 people. We’d like to have a good group and a beautiful day.”

Johnson said, “I hope we get a lot of people to show up. We are still trying to pay for the shell that covers the orchestra and we have been trying to do that the past couple of years.”

Eva Farid, music performance freshman, said, “It’s a lot of music to learn and playing outside with the wind is really distracting for me. I get distracted easily, so playing a lot of music outside is tough for me.”

Farid said, “I need to practice more. I guess I’m still getting used to how much I need to practice and how much I didn’t do in high school, so I need to do more.”

“We practice once a week with the orchestra and it’s going good,” said Johnson.

Farid said, “I hope a lot of people will come and show up and experience a different type of concert because it is outdoors so it’s going to be a different venue and people will be happier.”

2 p.m. Gates Open, Vendors Open for Business
2:30 p.m. The Students Loans
3:30 p.m. Tallgrass Express String Band
4:30 p.m. Southwestern College Youth Symphony
5:30 p.m. Tallgrass Express String Band
6:45 p.m. Southwestern College Youth Symphony with Larry Hatteberg, narrator

This serves as a map to the South Kansas Symphony on the Prairie concert Sunday.

This serves as a map to the South Kansas Symphony on the Prairie concert Sunday.

Min Jiao is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her