By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

One in 4 is a national organization that works to educate students about sexual assault and strategies for effective bystander intervention. The organization’s name originates from the statistic that one in four women at universities around the United States are sexually assaulted every year.

This statistic is part of a listing of national statistics extricated by the FBI. The originator behind the national organization is John Foubert. He is a tenured faculty member at Oklahoma State University where he conducts research about sexual assault, and its effect on universities and colleges around the nation.

Although 1 in 4 is a national organization, colleges are encouraged to start their chapters of this organization at their own schools.

Southwestern College has its own chapter made up of five female students. Dan Falk, dean of students and advisor of 1 in 4, said, “While the numbers are low at the moment, we hope to build our supportive group and hopefully even add male members to our organization.”

Despite being a smaller group, the president of 1 in 4, Alyx Ellsaesser, English senior, shared that it has big things planned for this year. They will be giving separate presentations, one for men and one for women, on Sept. 17 in Mossman 101. The women’s session will be from 7-8 p.m., and the men’s session from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Each session will be individualized to the gender and will include testimony, videos, educational statistics and information.

The presentations are the big event that 1 in 4 will provide this year, but new members are encouraged to join at any time.

Maggie Collett, graduate fellow for student life and leadership, said that any student interested in joining 1 in 4 can email Dan Falk to join. The more members there are, the more the group will be able to spread the knowledge and prevention on sexual assault.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communications. You may email her at